• Image of Solid Clear Glass Acorn
  • Image of Solid Clear Glass Acorn
  • Image of Solid Clear Glass Acorn
  • Image of Solid Clear Glass Acorn
  • Image of Solid Clear Glass Acorn

Seed sizes: (The acorns on the black background product shot are CLASSIC )
Lowest price point pays for ONE acorn.

- SQUAT: Red oak acorn, 3 x 3 inch
- CLASSIC: White oak acorn, 3.5 x 2.25 inch
- LONG: California coast live oak acorn, 4 x 2.25 inch

*** Special orders can easily be accommodated. ***
Custom made to scale requests are welcome, prices may change. Please use the contact for to get in touch.

A perfect gift for a friend or loved one embarking on a new journey.
Celebrate a baby shower, wedding, new career or other new beginning in life.
Acorns are also a thoughtful convalescence gift.

All acorns have a stem on the cap but can be made to order without a stem if you prefer. (Please be sure to write to us using the contact form at the top of the products page.)

• SHIPPING to anywhere in the USA! We package carefully and always include shipping insurance! In the last 7 years nothing has yet broken on the way, nationwide or internationally.
• Shipping Internationally: we are happy to ship to you wherever you re in the world.
* for larger orders please write to us via the contact tab on the main products page.

All of my glass is handmade by myself from start to finish. I am a purest in the sense that I do not like to use moulds to execute or finish the final shapes of any of my work. A piece of glass handmade from start to finish, expresses that maker’s ability and intentions and takes on a quality and life of its own. While moulds can be useful and at times, absolutely essential, all of my work is handmade unless otherwise stated.


Acorn symbolism
For every mighty oak there was once a little acorn that stood its ground.
The significance of the acorn sweeps across religions and cultures worldwide. The acorn is a symbol of growth, strength and new beginnings. It is the Nordic and Celtic symbol of life, fertility and immortality.