• Image of Introducing the Lidded Jar #1
  • Image of Introducing the Lidded Jar #1

Introducing the first in a set of Lidded Jars that will contribute towards an Art Installation in late 2016 (more on that later).

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approximate total height: 15 inches
base jar approximate height : 9 inch
lid total approximate height: 6 inch

Decorative and functional jar that can serve as a flower vase, as a jar for treats or let your imagination run free.

Jason is making a line of these bulbous, voluptuous, ornate yet contour line, luxurious vessels for our homeware collection. (& art project, too...)

The making of one of these jars requires an above intermediate level of glassmaking skills and sincere dedication to the process. This is not something that a glassmaker can learn in a short timespan but instead takes years of professional engagement with the medium to build the technical ability as well as confidence and understanding that working with hot glass requires to shape it into such a controlled and elegant form.

This line of jars is part of a larger project of Art Objects that will culminate in an Art installation in the future.

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All of my glass is handmade by myself from start to finish. I am a purest in the sense that I do not like to use moulds to execute or finish the final shapes of any of my work. A piece of glass handmade from start to finish, expresses that maker’s ability and intentions and takes on a quality and life of its own. While moulds can be useful and at times, absolutely essential, all of my work is handmade unless otherwise stated.