• Image of 2 Medium Size Sunflower Seeds

Beautifully handmade Sunflower seeds, each larger than life, made from nearly solid glass.

approximate dimensions:
length 4-5 inches
width 2.5-3.5 inches
weight 12 ounces

Jason will select your pair of Sunflower seeds from the basket of nuts and seeds that he created in the glassblowing studio and is storing for the cold winter months..

This listing is for a pair of sunflower seeds, Jason will select one each of glassy finish and an etched mat finish. If you would prefer two of the same finish type, please just give him a phone call and he will oblige.
#510 375 8487

{postage within America is included in the price}

• Do you have any SPECIAL requests (colours, shapes, sizes, other glass projects)or questions?
Please call Jason: +1 510 375 8487
• Please visit Jason's website for more information about his work & the glassmaking process.